October 2017
The route mentioned in the February update is now been reopened.
June 2017
There have been changes to the walk on 3rd July - Hertford to Widford

Meet at bus stop opposite The Green Man in Widford village centre to catch 9.33am bus to Hertford.

February 2017 
We have been informed by the Rights of Way team at County Hall of a footbridge failure at Fiddlers Brook affecting Leg 12. 
Map Reference ; TL 45063 18058
Referring to the most recent edition of our guidebook
" The Hertfordshire Way" dated 2009 or later, page 110, paragraph 7 mentions the footbridge which has collapsed. The drainage ditch which this crosses is deep and always has water in it. The map shows a suggested alternative.

May 2016
Changes to our June walk have been made due to the closing of our lunchtime venue.
Our June walk scheduled for 20th June will now start from

The Plume of Feathers,
Map ref TL 270154
The morning walk will be 6 miles and the afternoon about 4 miles

January 2016
Hertfordshire Way waymarking in both directions is now complete.

Many thanks to our donors and leg wardens for this enhancement to the Hertfordshire Way

Work of the Leg Wardens

Behind the scenes the leg wardens spent a lot of their own time checking their legs for missing signs, ploughed up cross field paths or blocked paths and investigating complaints from people who walk the Hertfordshire Way.

Just to give an example: Anne Conchie was out recently on Leg 2 putting in a new way mark post near Weston where a walker said it was a little confusing and could do with a sign. After that was completed she then put a temporary sign where a vehicle had smashed a roadside post near Graveley. The county will replace the post -all in good time! Finally on leg 3 near the ruins of Minsden Chapel where the route crosses the B651 the sign had been broken and the post heavily buried in nettles and thorn bushes. After cutting her way through these obstacles she found it impossible to get a step ladder in to replace the sign. Improvising she glued two waymark signs to a large post alongside the actual route.This is just the work of one of our leg wardens and is repeated along the whole 194 miles! thank you leg wardens. Over to You! If you have any problems walking the route or you spot a missing sign do let us know (Look under contacting us).

Newsletter 2014

We are now planning our December issue of our News letter and we are looking for articles and pictures concern such topics as: Your experiences walking the route, any funny experiences on the route, historical topics aroud the route, nature note infact any thing remotely concerned with Hertfordshire (contacts on this web site).

Victory Turns a Little Sour

Twelve months ago we received the information that on Leg 12 on the outskirts of Bishop's Stortford the development of a giant new school on the Green Belt and right over a foot path on the Hertfordshire Way has not been approved by the Goverment. Now a new plan has been put forward by developers which will cover the site with hundreds of houses. At the moment we cannot lodge an objection but we will keep an eye out on developments.

Possible Problems

On Leg 13 we have from time to time problems in front of Rotten Row where the path goes across an open field (it has now been ploughed but not reinstated (2.08.14) We have put a information sheet on the post just before you cross the field DO READ IT! Similarly just before you reach Mutfords Farm there is an open field to cross. At this moment the landowner has marked out the path 20.07.14. DO READ THE NOTICE AT THIS POINT!

Leg 6 Ashridge College(was Ashridge House). Slight change in the route.

Page 51 of the guide book. From"pair of white gates" change the text to-Go through the white gates, cross the small sports field until you meet a metal fence. A this point turn sharp left and follow the National Trust footpath around the edge of the golf course until your path turns into the wide Princes's Ride. Then head straight along the Ride heading for the distant Monument (you will cross a road half way to the Monument).

FOOTPATH RE-OPENED OVER MAINLINE RAILWAY (LEG 12) A new foot bridge over the railway line has been opened. Grid Reference TL 491193 ( in the guide book, page 109 there is a sign on the map which says "CARE surface crossing." It is the arrow pointing down the page which locates the new footbridge.

Leg 13. Locked gate. Grid referenceTL 463223 After you have gone under the A120 and walked along the old road past two cottages on your right you come to a stile into a field (waymarked) after you cross this field you come to a gate. this is padlocked. It has been reported as an illegal obstruction. What can you do? You can climb the gate. If this option is not to your liking before you cross the stile into the field immediately on your right is a farm track. Take this track till you come to a T junction, turn left, walk about 300 hundred yards and you are back on the Hertfordshire Way.

Leg 13. The way out of Bishops Stortford over the private school grounds has been given a set of new posts. All these have now got Hertfordshire Way signs on them so good walking!

Way Marked Both Ways. At the recent committee meeting of the Friends it was decided to way mark the route in both directions. This means producing discs slightly changed from the present colour so you can tell which discs you are following. We are consulting with a supplier and we hope to get new signs designed by the New Year. We will need about a thousand of these discs at about 65p each (£650) any donations are wecome (Cheques made payable to the Friends of the Hertfordshire Way). This change will not happen overnight but we hope to have them in place within two years.

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